Hamster "Classic"
(c) Jürgen Haible, Thomas G. Liesner & many other

Short Introduction

Hamster is a local server for news and mail. It's a windows-32-bit-program. It allows the use of multiple news- and mailserver and combines them to one mail- and newsserver for the news/mail-client. It load faster than a normal newsreader because many threads can run simultaneous. It contains scorefile for news and mail, a build-in script language, the GUI allows translation to other languages, it can be used in a network and that's not all features...

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Download "final" versions

The is the actual version, first 2.0.0.x was distributed 12/24/2002. Changes includes new local servers for remote control and IMAP, improved user interface (new directly available settings, directories-dialog and much more), many new command and functions for the script-language hs2, improvements for security (native SSL-support with OpenSSL-DLLs!). was the last stable for over one year and had proved its quality. was the first stable release of me, the earlier version was from Jürgen Haible itself, who created Hamster. Most significant changes to are: Internationalization and better configuration dialogs.

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Download Beta-Versions

Beta-versions are on your own risk...

Current Test-Versions, started with, next stable will be