About myself

My life: Born 1/30/1970 in Münster and male. Grow up with my sisters, student for some years and married since 9/3/1998. Since 2001 we live in our own house. On 11/6/2002 my daughter Sandrina-Aileen was born!
Pix: My little family 2002
Computers: Started with the legendary Atari-XL-Series, my next computer was an 286er AT and all the next ones were PC-compatible, too.
Job: I work at home as an SW-depelover for an small company for the last years. And sometimes there's enough interest for me to work on private programs, too.
Hobbies: Cinema/DVDs, Books, Usenet, Inline-Skating, Cardgames, Computergames (3D-Shooter, Driving and so on), family-games, programming...